Work package leader:

Gilles Vassal (Gustave Roussy) with Gustave Roussy Transfer, Lou Stancato (Eli Lilly) and Hubert Caron (ROCHE)

Objectives of the work package:

Establishment and implementation of a sustainability model to ensure that the pediatric testing infrastructure

Description of the tasks:

The ultimate goal is to build a post-IMI2 sustainable infrastructure that will provide the biological and preclinical data to identify new oncology drugs to be developed in the pediatric population in order to adequately address the needs of children and adolescents with cancer. During the five years of IMI-2 funding, a comprehensive panel of fully molecularly and pharmacologically well characterized preclinical pediatric cancer models (PDXs and GEMMs, including new models such as organoids) will be set up in order to provide the preclinical information required to contribute to the best choice of innovative compounds to be further developed in children, as single agent and in combination. All standard operating procedures will be established, as well as a biobank and a database of molecular and pharmacological data.

WP7 will design and implement a sustainable platform to ensure the pediatric testing infrastructure continues after the end of the project. ITCC-P4 partners will, amongst others, discuss the following principles:

  • The platform will run commercial activities for pharmaceutical companies and will be accessible for academic institutions.
  • The platform will not sell preclinical models, but rather will focus on the ex vivo and in vivo testing in these models
  • The platform will set up secured access to data and models generated during the project, to provide free-for-service on the preclinical models and generation of data through a quality-assured program respecting ethical rules on animal testing.