Children´s Cancer Research Institute

St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung

Name of PI: Heinrich Kovar, PhD, Univ. Prof.

Children´s Cancer Research Institute,
St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung
Zimmermanplatz 10
A1090 Vienna

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Company presentation

The CCRI is owned by the private charity-based association St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung. It was founded in 1988 with the overall aim to improve the treatment options for children suffering from cancer through basic, translational and clinical research. CCRI is closely affiliated with the St. Anna Children’s Hospital, the largest clinical haemato-oncological centre for the treatment of childhood cancer in Austria, and with its spin-off Labdia Labordiagnostik GmbH. CCRI and St. Anna Children´s Hospital have formed a comprehensive cancer centre in order to address patient relevant scientific questions to better understand the disease and to identify effective therapies through bidirectional knowledge exchange from research to clinics and diagnostics. CCRI hosts 12 research groups in the areas of molecular and cellular biology, molecular genetics, genomics and epigenomics, immunology, cellular therapies, and clinical research with a focus on acute leukaemias, bone and soft tissue sarcomas, and neuroblastoma.
CCRI serves as the national study centre for most clinical paediatric trials in Austria, and also runs several European and international trials. In order to have easy access to preclinical in vivo models, the CCRI has invested in the establishment of a zebrafish research laboratory and a state of the art zebrafish facility in 2014. For in vivo paediatric cancer models in mice, the CCRI is partnering with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research (LBI-CR) financing and co-supervising the generation of GEMMs for Ewing sarcoma and paediatric B-cell leukaemia.